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April 25, 2020

Are you bored?

Dream It ... Book It ... Live It

These have been unprecedented times,and we’ve all made adjustments to our typical schedule and routine.   But one thing everyone can do is dream - it gives you something to look forward to.    In our case, it’s dreaming of … you guessed it – TRAVEL!  


Have you thought about what you’re going to do or where you’re wanting to go once we’re able to get out and about?    I’d recommend getting a glass of your fave beverage, curl up in that comfy overstuffed chair,and look at the world map – or a more granular one of a specific country or area.  I have done just that, and it’s a long list I am prioritizing.    But I’m having fun doing so, and it’s giving me something to dream about.  It’s a nice break for the mind to think of something else.


So in these crazy times of not knowing quite when we’ll be able to travel again, be in the DREAM IT stage … and once we can get past that stage, BOOK IT … and then the best part … LIVE IT!!

(Can't wait to see your photos of how good of a time you had living your dream!)

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